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    The truth is out there, Reuben Wu

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  2. Check out this free epicness. @georgespits and I will be debuting some new songs from our Adventure Fund project. All live band style with members of @artofficialmusic and The Politix.



  4. annstreetstudio:

    Taking Flash Tattoos to another level…our warrior princess gleams in the sunlight, covered in shimmering silver and gold…


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    Happy Birthday, Blastmaster.

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    Black Serpent | Photographer


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  8. mymodernmet:

    Valencia, Venezuela-based artist Gustavo Silva Nuñez creates extraordinary paintings that are so hyperrealistic, they seem to come to life and flow right off the canvas. He adds another dimension to the lifelike paintings with playful snapshots of himself interacting with his creations.

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  11. Experimenting with these 15 second restrictions.




  14. mcsevenstar:


    Kate MccGwire (previouslyborn 1964 is an English sculptor who specializes in the medium of feathers. Her work experiments with the binary notions of beauty and disgust, malice and tranquillity, and the familiar yet otherworldly. Her use of pigeon feathers takes a waste product of the ‘rats with wings’ and elevates them to the status of art. By re-framing the object, placing it out of context, it generates a kind of ‘field of attraction’ around it, the viewer is left both seduced and alienated, relishing the spectacle but at the same time aware of something disquieting, something ‘other’.



    It’s pretty dope what she can do with feathers.