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    Eat me


    Candy sculptures made by Massimo Gammacurta, photographer based in New York City. These little sweets are all inspired by the lust for sugar and long tough glazing colorful forms. The letters are mixed with different sweetmeat material which should waters your mouth for more. Enjoy them!


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  8. Adventure Fund was created by George Spits of Llamabeats and Ao Logics of ArtOfficial and is a collaborative project between both crews. The project is scheduled to be released December 2nd and features the talents of George Spits, The What’s Good?, and MF Jose of Llamabeats, as well as Ao Logics, Newsense, Ralf Valencia, and Keith Cooper of ArtOfficial.


  9. @georgespits and I have been working on this project a while and I’m glad to share the first single with you. You can peep the link in my bio to listen. It’s a banger.



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    "I think we risk becoming the best informed society that has ever died of ignorance." 

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    Unforgettable Flame (by Yuga Kurita)

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